United together to meet every need


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Who we are

Hope for Hornell is a partnership between the Hornell City School District, local churches, businesses and civic organizations.

What we believe

We BELIEVE in organizing efforts

There are many great people in our city doing many great things. We simply try to unite some of this energy so we can make maximum impact in our community.


We BELIEVE we can make our city great

for the next generation

We believe that the future of our city can be brighter as we model for our children effective ways to serve our neighbors and provide for needs through solid, authentic friendships that continue far beyond our outreaches.

How do we identify needs?

Local churches meet with the school administrators to identify the greatest needs that exist for the students within the school district.

How do we know who

to help?

Local churches provide invitations to the school social workers, psychologists, and counselors who identify the families that have the highest levels of need through their day to day interactions and relationship to these families. The schools send those registrations to those families and help them to register. 

Where do the resources come from?

Our resources come from the generosity of the people of our city. A collaboration between the schools and churches aligns those that want to sponsor Hope for Hornell events. Sponsors provide funds, needed items and volunteer hours. Every dollar donated to Hope for Hornell goes back into our community. All overhead costs are covered by Station Church.